Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spike puts laser range finder technology in the back of a smartphone

If you have ever worked in the GIS industry; accurate, easy and portable data acquisitions system devices are the key forces that drive the industry. ikeGPS is a New Zealand based company that's been developing some really great portable GIS data acquisition hardware and software for quite some time now. Their flagship device called the 'ike' integrates a laser range finder, a camera, GPS and a 3D compass into a small portable package which made possible to measure the length or height of any geographic feature, just a matter of taking a few photographs and you have all the measurements in the palm of you hand.

With the new device called 'Spike' short for "Smart Phone ike" , the company has taken its reach to a whole new level. On the hardware side, Spike is basically a small device that piggy backs on a smartphone and converts it into a full blown accurate laser measurement device and a 3D modelling device.

So how it works is, basically Spike has a built in Laser range finder, 3D compass, a very accurate GPS and Bluetooth. All this fits inside a really small package. The device connects to the smartphone seamlessly via Bluetooth. The Spike App takes control of all that hardware and pairs it up with the camera on the smartphone. The UI of the app allows to place points on the screen to measure the distances.

Device Weight      -   100gms
Dimensions           -    90 x 50 x 20 mm
Laser                   -    905 nm, Class 1 Eyesafe laser
Laser Range         -     2 to 200 m (6 to 600 ft)

- Measure distances at any angle.
- Identify bearing and relative altitude of any object.
- Measure area, volume of objects
- Model an object in 3D.
- Share data right from the phone.

The device costs $599 as pre-order. The device is expected to start shipping in May 2014.


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