Saturday, December 24, 2011

The world's smallest USB Flash stick from Deonet

USB Flash drives or Pen Drives as a lot of people popularly call them these days come in all shapes and sizes. Just when you are already worrying about loosing you new USB Flash stick because of its really tiny size; Imagine a USB as small as the size or your thumb nail. That's what  'DEONET', a Dutch manufacturer know for making funky data storage solution has come up with, the world's smallest USB stick.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bridgestone unveils its Non Pneumatic (Airless) tire concept

The concept of pneumatic or inflatable tires dates back to 1888 when 'John Dunlop' invented the first air-filled tire for bicycles. Since then pneumatic tires have been put to use in a wide variety of automobiles and vehicles with varying sizes and capacities. However with the benefits comes the problem of maintenance and age. Add to that the accidents that happen around the world due to tire bursting in moving vehicles.

This past week at the 2nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 in Japan, Japanese tire manufacture Bridgestone Corporation unveiled its new puncture-less air-free tires concept. Although the concept is not something very new, back in 2005 Michelin had showcased a similar kind of technology named TWEEL (i.e. Tyre/WhEEL). Since then there hasn't been any significant development until this one from Bridgestone.
The main difference that sets Bridgestone's airless tire different from Michelin's TWEEL is the kind of materials used for the development and the design.