Thursday, January 28, 2010

What Apple iPad holds

Apple recently(27.1.2010) revealed a new portable tablet device called the Apple iPad Needless to say as always is the case of, its a new innovative product that has now set a new generation of devices. It definitely has attracted a lot of media attention and all the hype it could all across the world.

The Apple iPad is a device that is between a net-book and a smart phone. Its actually has a few features from a mac book and a lot of features similar to the iPhone

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FloDesign high efficiency Wind Turbine

Alternative sources of energy is one of the hottest topic theses days. Wind energy is not being utilized to its full potential due to the lack of technology available in the field. The design of the wind turbine has been almost the same since historic times.
But a company by the name FloDesign based in Wilbraham, MA, USA. has come with a highly efficient wind turbine design. Traditional wind turbines are huge and require a lot of space and infrastructure for installation and transport. They have to be installed in remote areas away from people cause of safety concerns. They require huge and heavy gearboxes which require maintenance, Plus they are fragile and cannot bare high speed winds.They can only extract 50% of winds potential energy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to save videos from Video Streaming websites without any software

Video streaming websites are increasing getting popular these days but the problem is sometimes you need to download video on your hard drive, may be for some project or just to watch it offline. Well there are a lot of free video downloader’s you can use. But I have found a trick which will help you save any video from any video streaming site without the hassle of installing a software plugin or other stuff.
Many people have slow internet connection or limited data plans this trick will help you save a lot of bandwidth too. All you have to do is just watch the video normally and minimize your firefox browser and follow the instructions. It’s simple.

Before you read further, you need some stuff to be checked and done.

1)      You need Mozilla  Firefox Browser (latest version will be best)
2)     I have tried it on Windows XP and Windows 7 so you should have either of the two or                        Win.Vista will do.
3)      You need to change a small setting i.e. Your Hidden files and folders should be visible.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Convert any URL into PDF

PDF is one of the most popular format for reading doc files E-books and other stuff. With the new range of PDF file readers like the Amazon Kindle its getting more popular. 
A new website   lets you convert any url into a downloadable PDF file for free.
Its good to view PDF file when you cant get online or you can just view it on a mobile device which supports PDF. It even helps when you don't have a PDF converter and want to convert a webpage into PDF for printing. Great for reading Blogs offline.
There is also an advance option available with which you can customize your PDF file as per your wish like the size of the PDF for printing etc.

Just visit  paste the web address you want as PDF and download your PDF file!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Witricity : Wireless electricity

Wires have been used to transport electricity from a long time but, they are messy they get entangled where you don't want them to and come in your way and may even give you an electric shock in some cases. In a sense they are good to transport electricity over long distances but cause a problem when they are used over short distances, in homes and offices.The solution is here "Witricity"

What is Witricity Technology??
If you are thinking its done with electromagnetic radiation then you are wrong. Instead it uses magnetic radiation which makes it safe with no bad effects on the human body. We are surrounded by earths magnetic radiation.Witricity uses the same concept used in a regular transformer,i.e. magnetic induction. The only difference is these guys have done it over a considerable long distance with the help of something called  resonant magnetic couple. Resonant magnetic couple is like transferring energy in the form of waves, the energy is transferred as magnetic energy and converted into electrical energy where it is used in devices. It can pass through any kind of obstructions.