Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Witricity : Wireless electricity

Wires have been used to transport electricity from a long time but, they are messy they get entangled where you don't want them to and come in your way and may even give you an electric shock in some cases. In a sense they are good to transport electricity over long distances but cause a problem when they are used over short distances, in homes and offices.The solution is here "Witricity"

What is Witricity Technology??
If you are thinking its done with electromagnetic radiation then you are wrong. Instead it uses magnetic radiation which makes it safe with no bad effects on the human body. We are surrounded by earths magnetic radiation.Witricity uses the same concept used in a regular transformer,i.e. magnetic induction. The only difference is these guys have done it over a considerable long distance with the help of something called  resonant magnetic couple. Resonant magnetic couple is like transferring energy in the form of waves, the energy is transferred as magnetic energy and converted into electrical energy where it is used in devices. It can pass through any kind of obstructions.

In the recent future it might just become a part of our daily life. It can be easily embedded in the walls and we will have no visible wires. In the future just like every home is fitted with electrical boards and switches we will have this equipment embedded in our walls and it will just be like the present electrical sockets.If you want to charge your mobile,laptop or your electric car all will have to do is place it in the witricity outlet range, no hassle of adapters plug pins or stuff.
Well, it seems like the modern world will be completely wire free i.e. no visible wires. Everything will be still depended on wires but it will all be behind the scene.The basic original Idea was thought by Nikola Tesla.

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