Sunday, January 29, 2012

Unboxing the D-Link Wireless N150 ADSL2+ Modem Router

Hey guys this is the first ever unboxing here at Tech Center. We start with the D-Link Wireless N150 ADSL2+ Modem Router (Model no. DSL-2730U). 
Nothing much to talk about here. Its a really great Wireless modem router, it provides all the necessary feature for a home or small office needs to establish a secure and high-speed link to the internet. As you might have figured by now this is an ADSL modem which basically provides you with internet service over a land-line phone. 
We picked this modem from Lamington Road, a place in Mumbai popularly know for its electronic and computer hardware market. The modem is priced at Rs. 2536/- on the box but we got a fair deal at a decent price of Rs. 1850/- from a shop called Cassette World. 

Here is a look into whats comes in the box.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Pirate Bay introduces a new category: Physibles

3D printing has really got a lot of recognition in the past couple of years. With easy to assemble and affordable kits available like the MakerBot's 'Thing-O-Matic' and their latest product called 'The Replicator', 3D desktop printing is becoming a more easy and fun task. Now with the hardware available, there a need for online platforms where people can create and share 3D CAD model so that others could download and print them. There are various platforms available. The one I tried and would recommend you to start with is

All that said, popular torrent sharing site The Pirate Bay has just introduced a new category in its inventory and named it 'Physibles'. Here users will be able to upload and share torrents related to 3D printable CAD models. This was explained in a really interesing blog post on TPB  titled Evolution: New category. Here the blog post goes to the ultimate limit of saying : "You will download your sneakers within 20years." which sounds really amazing and hopeful.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Liquipel: A Nanocoating that waterproofs your Mobile device.

Since history we know that water and electronics don't get together well . A California based company called 'Liquipel' might have found the way to change that. The company claims to have found a nano-coating that wont let water affect the functioning of your electronic mobile device. The coating itself is called named 'Liquipel' . Talking briefly about the company, Liquipel is a company founded in 2011 by Danny McPhail and Kevin Bacon who are determined to protect devices around the world from water damage.

Now to basically understand this, its a nano coating finer than the width of a human hair that prevents the circuitry to come in direct contact with water, thus making the device virtually water proof. From what the company says this is achieved by a process where in the device is placed in a chamber, here vacuum is created. Then a vapor called 'Liquipel vapor' is introduced in the chamber which permeates into every corner inside out of the device. The coating is thus bonded on the entire device at a molecular level, as a result the coating should last the entire lifespan of the device. The chamber is then brought at atmospheric pressure and the device is fully functional and water proof. No need for any bulky cover whatsoever.
The coating is totally invisible to the naked eyes and doesn't interfere with the normal functioning of the device.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Raspberry Pi: A $25 Credit card sized bare bones PC

In the world of Technology the smaller it gets the better it is. Back in 2011, we talked about 'Dream Plug'  a small computer that could be directly plugged into the wall socket. That opened up a door to whole new possibilities for developers and prototypes. Raspberry Pi is a project that started out as a non-profit foundation (RPF) to broaden the access to personal computer to kids by developing bare-bones and ultra cheap machines. It's basically a full computer board the size of a credit card.