Friday, December 25, 2009

Atlas Copco offers a green compressor technology

With global warming on the rise its really important for industries and companies to stay upto date with the with the latest green technology. Some countries have stringent carbon emission rules to curb carbon emission and also levy heavy tax duties. So Energy saving is very important. 

Atlas Copco is a Swedish Company recognized world wide for its quality industrial products and solutions since 1873. Atlas Copco has come up with a with a great and ingenious compressor technology called the "Net zero energy consumption compressor". By the name it sounds like, Is it a perpetual motion machine?? 
No it isn't! 
The concept behind this technology is heat energy recovery.Compression of air at high pressures produces a large amount of heat which is lost in the atmosphere and the precious energy in the form of heat is lost.

In a Carbon Zero compressor all the heat is recovered at various air cooling stages like oil cooler, inter-cooler and aftercooler. You can get hot water at a temp of 90degrees C. In this way all the energy consumed by the compressor is recovered in the form of quality hot water. 
This is best suited for industries like food,beverage,milk processing plants, pulp & Paper   industry , textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants where  compressed air and hot water are required at various processing stages.
Its a really good option to save long electricity/energy bills. Cause you don't need to spend more money to heat water.
Under the carbon zero technology Currently, the company is  offering its ZR series of water-cooled oil-free air compressors   certified by TÜV according to ISO 8573-1 – Class 0, meaning providing 100% oil-free air. These compressors are well-established in industry with a strong reputation on reliability, efficiency and 100% oil-free air.

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