Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Google products

Google has come up with a couple of new products 
  1. Google goggles for Android
  2. Google translate with voice
Google goggles

Google goggles is an great application which is exclusively available for the Google Android Platform. Its a visual system which lets you take a picture of something and that picture is compared with similar pictures available in the Google database to give you search results and details about it.
For E.G. You can take a snap of a book cover and get search results for it.
Its still has a lot of glitches and is under development.

Google translate with voice

Google Translate has been available for a long time but google added a new feature which not only lets you translate all popular languages in the world, but also let you hear its pronunciations in real time. All you have to do is click the audio button (marked in the pic below). It even lets you upload a document file. 
Its pretty cool to hear small sentences and you can even play around with it by typing silly words hehe.

Check  http://translate.google.com

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