Saturday, December 19, 2009

Neato Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Best gift for your Mom

Tired of vacuum cleaning your floor? Here is something for you.
Neato Robotics is a California based company which aims to produce products to help people get free from household chores. On December 16 2009, they introduced a new Robotic Vacuum cleaner.

"The Neato XV-11"
This is not something very new in the market we had iRobot’s Roomba which came in 2002 which sold over 3 million units.
The technology which gives Neato an edge over its competitors is called the Room Positioning System (RPS) it uses laser vision mapping which maps the entire floor and avoids obstacles perfectly. It traces everything(360degree) within a 4mt range. It systematically moves over the entire floor by back and forth motion rather than moving at random, like its competitors do.
Another feature is its got a powerful centrifugal high compression impeller which gives it a strong suction which can clean better. Its energy efficient too. It can be programmed and scheduled to perform cleaning task. It automatically goes back to its docking station to recharge once it completes its task. The robot is D shaped and 4 inches high this help it get under furniture easily.
Its seems to be a pretty good device but at a price tag of 400$ its a bit costly right now .
Its competitor comes at around at 130$ but its no where close to what  Neato XV-11 has to offer. It will start shipping in February 2010,you can preorder it from
Its the best gift you could give to your Mom though!

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