Sunday, September 19, 2010

Microsoft bring HD to its webcams : Microsoft - LifeCam Studio Webcam

High definition is now really catching up, just like CDs and DVDs replaced Audio cassettes and VHS, so is HD replacing standard definition.
Microsoft recently announced a new High definition webcam setting a new standard in the webcam hardware industry the webcam is called Microsoft - LifeCam Studio Webcam. It is a first from Microsoft to offer 1080p HD recording capability. It has a 1080p sensor which is almost more than 2 times larger than most of the 720p webcam out there. The webcam lets more light in so it can virtually work in any light conditions. Its doesnt matter if your sitting in a dark room where the screen is the only source lighting your face or besides a bright light source like a window.

In addition it has a really compact and great industrial design which lets you mount it on a tripod stand another first for Microsoft, this lets you use it for more purposes than just a webcam.
Additional features include a 360 degree view range so you can point the lens to where you exactly want.
plus it has a special elongated hood modeled after a high end camera which protect the lens from stray light thus avoiding washed out and glare colors.  It also has a built in High Fidelity Microphone so you don't need to use a separate microphone for sound.

Here are some specifications you might want to take a look at.

Other Specification include
  • Auto Focus for better focusing at longer distance.
  • High-Precision Glass Element Lens for wide angle and better optics.
  • TrueColor Technology for enhancing and showing true life colors in almost any light conditions.
  • ClearFrame Technology for detailed and smooth video.

Now the best part is it has been announced at the time when the Windows Live Messenger 2011 will support HD video calling this fall, So you can enjoy HD video chatting with your mates and family. Although LifeCam Studio will fully support Skype Yahoo!, AOL Instant Messenger and other popular Instant Messenger.
You can either use it for high definition or as standard VGA.

Price and availability
LifeCam Studio is currently only available at Best Buy stores and on the Best buy website. It is priced at a reasonable $99.99 which is quite good considering the fact that by using additional recording software you can use it for shooting Full HD videos. You could say its a really cheap compact HD video recorder. Good for Vloggers and you-tubers.

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