Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bladeless Fan

The latest thing making air waves around is a Bladeless Fan created by Sir James Dyson(British). Of course its created a lot of theories about its working,but the fact it still has blades. But..on the inside of the tube(cylinder) like structure or the stem.
The bladeless design is better as it focuses air rather than throwing it in front and around the turbines.

The fan has a Corona which is designed in such a way that it distributes the air created by the real turbine fan on the inside.In engineering terms we rather call it fixed blades.The fixed blade (corona) distributes the air evenly.It has a sort of aerofoil (Aircraft wing shaped)shape on the inside. It has set a platform for its future applications in various fields.

The air which passes the corona creates a draft of air and drags in more air.
This desktop fan is pretty good if you have small  kids at home who tend to put fingers in the blade and injure them self.
Although this is an innovation there are also speculations on the patent rights as this fan is almost similar to a fan created by a Japanese inventor in the year 1981 (I guess the patent rights have been declined). The fan costs a very steep $300 for a 10inch model and $330 for a 12inch model. Its not really worth unless you are a crazy gadget freak and have money to spare.

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