Wednesday, August 31, 2011

APEN: A pen that digitalizes your writing.

Recording anything in a digital format is always the best way, not only to preserve data but also to make it portable. Ever wondered if you could save hand written notes or hand written notes on your digital photos straight to your mobile phone or your computer in real time? An Israeli company, Pegasus Technologies Ltd has made it possible by what is called APEN.
APEN is basically a standard shaped digital pen ­that also writes on paper and comes with a transmitter and easy to use software for PC, Mac and popular smartphone devices.

How it basically works is, the user has to fix the Receiver module at the top of the sheet being used. The user can then write on the paper just like normal. The transmitter on the pen then send information about its position and movements to the receiver. The receiver saves the information which can then be transferred to a PC via USB or sends the info. via Bluetooth to a smartphone device. The receiver module is said to save upto 100 pages of data. All the data is saved in .jpg format. 
Another feature of this device is that it can be wired via USB to a PC and used as a mouse or stylus. There is a button on the side of it which can be used for clicking.

Now the device comes in 4 different variants named as A1, A2, A3 and A4 these have varying capabilities and are available at a range of prices.
The A3 version of the device is available at Amazon for $82.18. Click here to buy.

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