Wednesday, May 9, 2012

LG Unveils its New P series Cloud Monitors for Office setup

With cut throat competition and increasing power and software costs, it has become really important for businesses these days to reduce office setup and other operational overheads to get the best out of the business. The IT industries solution to the problem was Cloud Computing, making office computing more reliable, efficient and fast. Now we have a huge software environment for cloud computing but it can be fully effective only when we pair it with the right kind of hardware for office needs.

A week ago LG released its new P series of monitors which have been built for the Cloud office environment, something comparable to a Sunray thin client. The P series of monitors are the predecessors of the already existing D&E series of cloud monitors which LG seems to have discontinued.
LG likes to call these new P series of monitors as 'zero client' monitors. the reason being all you have to do is plug in a Keyboard, Mouse and an Ethernet Cable to the monitor and the system is ready to go. It even features this new technology from Cisco called Universal Power over Ethernet (UPoE) technology, enabling it to draw its power right from the Ethernet cable, no power socket needed.

Now taking a look into the technical side of it, the Monitor utilizes a Teradici PCoIP (PC-over-IP) Chipset and VMware virtualization to deliver a powerful and secure and easy to setup virtual computing solution. It basically utilises the PC-over-IP protocol,  something similar to VoIP that's utilized by chat application like Skype. A centralized server takes care of nearly all the data processing and hardware needs, the server fetches the data, renders the graphics, compresses and encrypts the rendered images pixel by pixel, and then sends them over to the client machine, in this case the LG monitor. This also gives a very fast boot up time for the client. The monitor also features 2 small speaker and support for full HD content. Speaker are not present in the 19" model.

Here is a look in to some detailed Specs.

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Summing it all up the Cloud Monitor is a great solution for businesses considering the fact that it could bring down power costs dramatically. One monitor utilises as little as 15 watts of power. Plus the reduced cost of not buying an entire computer and the software needed for individual systems. Not to mention the reduced risk of Virus and spyware, Overall providing a more efficient, secure, fast and cost effective business IT solution.

There is no information available yet on the price of the monitor.


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