Monday, June 25, 2012

Renault Duster to be launched next month in India

We haven't been writing articles about the automotive industry for a while now. Although, this news is specifically related to the Indian Auto industry. French automobile manufacturer Renault hasn't been doing quite well in India and the major reason being the poor range of option it provides to the Indian customer. 
Although that's changing slowly, Renault has some very aggressive business strategies in the years to come and with the new Renault Duster, things might really turn around for Renault.
Renault Duster is a car that comes under the compact SUV segment which aims to provide the luxury of an SUV at the price of a Basic Sedan. The Duster is expected to be priced in the range of Rs 7-10 lac. It will be available in both Petrol and Diesel variants.

Here is an expected price list for the car. (ex-showroom Mumbai)
-Duster Diesel 85 PS RxE1.5 litre Diesel dCi Rs. 8,00,000
-Duster Diesel 85 PS RxL1.5 litre Diesel dCi Rs. 8,50,000
-Duster Diesel 110 PS RxL1.5 litre Diesel dCi Rs. 9,50,000
-Duster Petrol RxE1.6 litre petrol Rs. 7,00,000
-Duster Petrol RxL1.6 litre petrol Rs. 7,50,000
The Duster is built on the Logan platform. The SUV will be available with a lot of options so it seems quite appealing and would suffices the needs of a lot of people in terms of features. In my opinion if you are planing to buy a Car and have a budget of upto 10 lacs it would be a good option to wait for the Duster. The only problem however with Renault in India is the after sales service. It seems Renault has a lot of ambitions to achieve in the Indian market and its services may significantly improve in a while.

Here is a video from AutoCar India which will give you an idea as to what to expect from the Duster.

Here is a commercial thats been doing its rounds on the Internet.

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