Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Robot that never loses a Stone, Paper, Scissor game

The Japanese always come up with some really amazing robotic technology. A robotic hand developed by the University of Tokyo's Ishikawa Oku Lab is so good at the game of stone, paper, scissor or Jaken as the Japanese call it, that no human can ever beat the robot, its undefeatable.

The reason no human can't beat it is cause its a robot!,  little stupid humour there. Obvioulsy its a machine that's designed for the purpose.The working is pretty simple to explain, it has what the researcher call the 'high-speed vision'. This lets the robot detect the movement of the hand and recognise the move being made by the human opponent with in 1 millisecond.

Now you might argue what's the point of developing a robot that beats a human in something like a stone-paper-scissor game. Well in reality the robot has been designed in an effort to show a possibility of cooperation control within a few milliseconds. 

On a personal note; What that means is if we talk about exoskeletons that would help humans by assisting in your physical movements and give you super human like power. So how does the robot/exoskeleton mimic your motions? This is one possible technology that could be employed where the exoskeleton knows about your movement with in milliseconds.

Here is a video showing the Robot own its human opponent. 


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