Saturday, January 5, 2013

Your smartphone is a Desktop too with Ubuntu OS for smartphones.

Today smartphones have become more powerful than ever before. We have smartphones which have high clock speed Quadcore processors, upto 2gigs of RAM and also a great deal of storage, well that's a lot of processing power in the palm of your hands. But all people end up doing with it hardly utilizes the full potential of the hardware they paid for. Practically  its just a waste of hardware resources. Although that's not the users fault, Its the industries fault, The top three smartphone operating systems, the Android from Google, iOS from Apple and Windows Phone from Microsoft also have a separate PC OS. Why didn't these IT giants never though of developing an OS that works for/on both the devices or rather, just getting a Smartphone to do the work of an entry level PC. 
Well Apple and Microsoft in the recent past made some effort and big talks about the Desktop-Mobile convergence but never made serious effort towards it, may be the industry was never ready enough for it cause they were already making good money by kinda fooling people.
That being said Ubuntu backed by Canonical may have set a spark to revolutionize the IT industry for good, by just doing that, Building an OS that works both on smartphones and PC, rather a smart phone that's also an efficient desktop computer when connected to a screen, keyboard and a Mouse. 

In a recent announcement Ubuntu backed by canonical announced a new smartphone OS that's just the same as the PC OS, just with a Mobile friendly interface. What that means is you can convert your smartphone into a PC by just connecting it to a Screen, keyboard and a Mouse. Ubuntu is already available for Android Smartphones with a Dual core processor for free. What that means is you can run the full PC Ubuntu OS on a compatible smartphone.

Ubuntu for Mobile:

The Ubuntu for mobile has a new refreshing concept for the interface, although its quite comparable to that of Windows Phone 8. There are no persistent back, menu, or home buttons at the bottom. Instead, you navigate by swiping on the edges of the display. The Interface is extremely customizable, the concept is, the interface should be your reflection.

Although there is no smartphone out yet, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth plans on partnering with smartphone manufacturers for Ubuntu Mobile. He thinks Ubuntu's security attract will attract enterprise customers, and its lean attractive UI will attract consumers.
Although here is a table that might give you some idea about the hardware.

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Well there is no specific phone that has been announced. Canonical still needs to talk to hardware manufacturers. Canonical is hoping for OEM hardware in early 2014. Although  In the coming weeks, Galaxy Nexus owners will be able to download a compatible build of Ubuntu Mobile. Also chances are development community will embrace Ubuntu, creating flashable ROMs for many rooted Android phones. What that means is people will be able to install the Ubuntu Mobile OS on compatible Smartphone devices.

Check out this keynote video


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