Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The 7th All Japan Robot American Football Tournament (Video)

I came across this really cool and unique robotic sport that's becoming popular in Japan, 'The All Japan Robotic American Football'. 

In this game 5 robots from each team compete with one another to get the ball across the opponents line. These robots are Radio controlled with limited autonomous abilities. Just like in an American Football (Rugby) match the robots dash and wrestle against each other to get to the ball. These robots have dimension and size limitations. Dimensions should not exceed 20cm width, 20cm depth, and it should fit within a rectangular framework of 20cm in height.

The weight of each robot should be less than 3000 grams, including parts and accessories. The 5 different robots are radio controlled by five individuals. Even High schools students take part in this event. The playing court is a rectangular area with 700cm in length and 300cm in width. It's a Fast game, each match runs from 6mins with a half time at 3mins.

Check out this video form the lastest event that took place at the Pacifico Yokohama convention center in Japan.

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