Tuesday, June 29, 2010

7999 Rs Netbook with free internet for one year

Datawind Ltd. a leading developer of wireless web access products and services recently launched its first product in India the UbiSurfer, which just cost 7999 INR with a one year internet subscription plan. The netbook runs on a modified version of  the  Debian operating system (OS) which is what make it low cost. Another version runs on the classic Windows CE OS. The netbook is power by an AMR9 processor and has a 7 inch TFT – Wide screen display running at a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels (WVGA). 
The Ubisurfer is not your ordinary net book it runs on a patented client/server architecture to deliver the power of a powerful server in the palm of your hand. Plus its small form factor makes it more portable. 

"Our primary focus is on cost, and making the cost of both the hardware and the usage affordable for the masses"  is what Suneet S Tuli, CEO of Datawind said in a recent online interview.

As I said before the first year of Internet Usage is free, it offers 30 hrs of Internet usage a month and is accessible anywhere in India. For the Unlimited internet subscription  it costs 99Rs a month and a mere 999Rs for an annual plan which is really cheap. Datawind has tied up with Tata Indicom for internet services there is no bandwidth limitations in limted data plans but for unlimited plans it all depends on the compression/acceleration servers as said by Suneet S Tuli. Moreover the netbook is not network locked you can just change the sim card and get any internet service provider. Charges for the respective service provider will be applied.

It is a great device for internet users who are on the move and who mostly work on the internet with light weight applications. Overall its seems to be a great device for its cost and features. Devices like this will help bring the power of the  internet to poorer section of people and Rural India.

Here's a lowdown of the Ubisurfer's specs

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