Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toshiba Libretto W100 dual screen concept laptop

Toshiba is celebrating its 25th Anniversary as a part of it, recently unveiled a dual touch screen concept laptop named Libretto W100. Its a beautifully designed ultra portable laptop computer which has 2 fully functional  multitouch 7 inch screens instead of a keyboard. Its small enough to fit in a jacket pocket and can be easily fits in a palm.

The W100 is powered by Windows 7 Home Premium OS. It even has a strong hardware configuration consisting of Intel Pentium U5400 CPU@1.2Ghz, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 64GB Solid State Hard Drive, It has six virtual keyboard modes plus a virtual touchpad. Plus it will feature Haptic response. It even feature custom applications to improve user experience. 
Its dimensions are 4.84 inches X 7.95 inches, The form factor is quite small, it is a first of a kind device from Toshiba, as said in the press release it will be a limited edition device. Toshiba plans to sell limited units and get feedback from users to develop better products in the future. Its quite an iPad killer considering the fact that despite being so small and portable it is as powerful as a decent laptop/netbook so it will let you do more than an iPad.

It will be available later in summer only at select retail outlets and at the official Toshiba website This has added fuel to the increasing competitive ultra portable device market. We will see more such devices from major manufactures in the near future. 

Tech Specs for Libretto W100

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