Thursday, December 16, 2010

YouTube features you probably don't know about

Its quite an obvious fact that more and more people are using the Internet for entertainment and not just for work. People are spending more time with their computers than T.V.

YouTube is the holy grail for online video sharing. It is what brought the Internet closer to T.V. YouTube gets over 2 Billion views everyday.
But still lot of people are unaware of two good YouTube features.
  • The Lean back Feature
  • Shows
  • YouTube Movies!

The Lean back Feature
The Lean back feature is a great online app which is available to everyone with an Internet connection. The lean back feature is actually quite good for people who attach their CPUs to a large LCD screens or HDTV and have a wireless keyboard. By the way you probably already know about Google TV which is a set top box from Google Inc. It brings TV and the Internet all in one place right at your TV screen, its a different story altogether.
Anyways, what lean back feature provides you is a platform where you can just type any word via your keyboard and search for any video right away and play it, you don't need a mouse to navigate through it. 

All the videos related to your search term are arranged in a line at the bottom of the screen just navigate via arrow keys and press enter, it will  play all the video in the queue no need to touch anything. Great for playing Music videos
Go try it
All you need to do is go to this link here

You already know how frustrating it is to find all the video uploads from a channel, you will never find them in a sequence.
But within shows its all organized you can browse shows by genre, network, title and popularity. Its actually a URL where you can find all the video uploads from a channels at one organized place with a series number and episode number. All the channels are organized according to their categories. But the catch here is you wont find all YouTube uploaders here. The ones that have been declared as "Shows" will only be visible. But its a great place, you will find a lot of new channels on which videos are uploaded on a regular basis.
When you click through a show the latest upload will start to play. The old episodes will appear at the bottom of the browser window in a numerical order.
Try it out its pretty good!

YouTube Movies!
Another Great Feature about YouTube is the Movies feature there are a ton of free and legal movies on YouTube already but they are spread all over. When you visit YouTube Movies you will find movies well categorised into 
Action & Adventure
Animation & Cartoons
Documentary & Biography
Indian Cinema
Mystery & Suspense
Science Fiction
and also according to languages.
Its a great place to discover movies and channels which upload free legal movies.

Great to kill time in vacations  
Follow this link and discover

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