Monday, March 21, 2011

iTwin the easier remote file access system

With increasing use of computers for various kinds of tasks, data potability is increasingly becoming an essential need. Most of us now use a desktop at home a laptop for personal work and may be another computer at workplace, school etc. Many a times it so happens that we feel the need to access a particular file which might be on another computer. The most common solution for the this is to store such files on portable drive. Portable drives have size limitations and can be easily corrupted lost or stolen so the security is a bit of a concern.
Another option is the use of remote file access software or storing files on a cloud service or a server. These services are not always free, most of them are subscription based. On the other hand files travel on 3rd party servers which are not in your control. They can be compromised and security of data cannot be said to be a 100%. Also you have to spend so much time uploading files and configuring devices. 
If security and availability of data is very important for you then the solution for it is the iTwin which is a simpler solution to the problem, flash drive-like sticks that plug into either computers, and let them communicate for free over a secure internet connection.

How to Use/Working?
iTwin is actually a physical device which looks like two thumb drives connected together. Its pretty simple to use iTwin,.
1) First plug in one of the USB connectors into the PC from which you want to share the files. A portable drive device should appear.
2) Add all the files you want to share on it just like you would do on any thumb drive (pen drive) by simply dragging and dropping.
3) Ones that is done just pull apart the interlocking sticks, leave the one you added the Data to in the machines USB ports. Now the other half can to plugged into any computer and the data can be accessed just like its on a thumb drive. Only thing is both machines should have internet access. If the files are large high speed connection are expected. As long as both computers have internet access, they can even have access to each other's complete hard drives via an AES 256-bit encrypted connection.

Now to end it all, the device is not something really revolutionary. There are many other alternatives for the same, but its aimed to be a products that is simple and hassle free with the added benefit of high end security. Its an absolute no brainier and a one time investment. You don't have to worry about subscriptions, security etc. The data ultimately remains on the original machine. Moreover if one of the part is lost or stolen it can be permanently disabled to access data. 

iTwin is now available on the product website, for an introductory price of US$99. Which is not bad for a product you can use for a product with no limits on data and time. After all technology is more about making things simpler.


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