Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mercedes Benz F1 Suspended & Exploded display.

The Mercedes-Benz World, Surrey is now exhibiting a stunning and unprecedented display into the inside of a  F1 car at Brooklands Museum. The model named Mercedes GP Petronas F1 consists of 3200 components, these components are hung up in a really artistic and amazing display which looks like an exploded views you would find in illustrated encyclopedia, except this is real. The Artist behind this amazing feat is a Dutch artist named Paul Veroude.

Credit: Mercedes Benz


What really puts its into a really Amazing and mind boggling category  is the fact that this Formula 1 car has taken upto 90,000 man hours of design time and 200,000 man hours of manufacturing time which ultimately puts together a machine which weighs around 600 kilos and made up of some of the most exotic engineering materials in the world, fitted together to the exact scale and tolerance.
This captivating deconstructed master piece has been named View Suspended II


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