Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Google introduces 'Google Music' Beta cloud service

Google introduced a new online music service called 'Google Music', The service is in its beta stage and is currently only reserved for people in the U.S., that too only with an invite. It will let you upload up to 20,000 tracks to the cloud and stream the music from any computer or Android device. The service will initially be free, and like I said before currently only for U.S. users. The service has a full featured music manager on the web and syncs music to your phone.

Sometimes creating a playlist can be a pain, no worries. The most interesting feature of this service is the Music Beta  ‘Instant Mix’. Its basically a Genius playlist generator which creates a playlist automatically.  It lets you select a song that you like and the music manager will create a playlist based on songs that sound similar.

Another good feature is the that Google music stores all the recently played song on your phone so if you have no internet access or have to go offline you can play those songs, plus the albums which you select to be made available offline. Its still in beta stage a lot cannot be said about it. 
Only time will tell if its really a useful service and if people really use it considering the fact that we now have memory cards with huge storage space which provide us with music storage needs right on the phone. 
I mean have you ever heard 20,000 songs and remember them all.

You can now request for an invite at http://music.google.com/

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