Saturday, April 9, 2011

YouTube adds live streaming service

The worlds most popular video sharing site YouTube has been undergoing a lot of changes these days. It gets a whopping 2 Billion views everyday, so a new service is actually a big news for a lot of people.
This past Friday YouTube on its official blog announced that its going to gradually start rolling out its new Live streaming service called YouTube Live.

The service has stated off with a YouTube Live browse page ( ), where you will  find the most happening live events on YouTube. Plus there is a feature to add events to your calendar. For now you can Add to services like Google Calendar, Outlook & iCal. If you are Subscribed to your favorite YouTube live-streaming partners you will be notified of upcoming live streams on the new customized homepage.

YouTube has been streaming live event for a while now but it was not open for all. With the launch of this service YouTube has widened it borders to popular partners. They will be give the option to broadcast live. There are speculation that YouTube Live will start with a focus on arts and sports events, and will steadily jump into other premium video channels with time.

According to a recent article in the Wall street Journal  Google plans to pour in about a $100 million at the addition and creation of new content. All of this may give other service providers and cable TV services a tough time in the future. In the end its all good for the viewers like us. More entertainment virtually for free.
Who likes TV anymore?

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