Monday, April 4, 2011

Gmail Motion turned into reality

This past week on Friday Google fooled the internet by faking a new product called Gmail motion as an April Fools day joke. Google infact created a dedicated product page with a video showing how Gmail motion allows its user to check their emails by using really funny but practical gestures. Although it was just a good april fools joke from Google some guys at the California Institute for Creative Technologies took it seriously and came up with a real mock version of the Gmail Motion!

You might have come across motion sensing technology in the news or blogs in the past. Its similar, They have used the Microsoft Kinect motion sensing game controller and created a middle-ware (a software that links up two things). The application is called FAAST (Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit).
FAAST is basically a middleware to facilitate integration of full-body control for windows based games and virtual reality applications. Its both for some fun and work. The toolkit relies upon software from OpenNI and PrimeSense to track the users motion using the PrimeSensor or the Microsoft Kinect sensors. In fact FAAST is already in version 0.7 and is available free for download to try. If you're a developer you should go ahead with it.

Trust me it is for real!

Check out this video which is a kind of a funny response for Gmail Motion.


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