Monday, July 11, 2011

I’m Watch: Android based smartwatch

It's really cumbersome to pull out your big sized smartphone from the pocket every time it rings for some reason, or you just want to have a quick check. How about a wrist watch that stays connected to your phone and shows essential info at just a glance away. That's what an Italian company called, 'Blue Sky s.r.l' has come up with. A Smart wristwatch called the 'I’m Watch'.

Some Feature:
1] Receive and make calls, text messages, and E-mails.
2] Connects to Android and iPhone 4 smartphones via Bluetooth.
3] Hands free speaker phone.
4] Weather forecast, updated in real time.
5] Touchscreen lets you check and update Facebook, twitter, Foursquare and other social networks.
6] Exclusive apps will be available for download via the "I'm Store".
7] Of course its a watch too. (hahaha!)

1] 0.54'' 240x240 pixel color TFT display with multi-touch.
2] 4GB of built-in storage, 
3] 64MB of RAM,
4] Li-Po 600 mAh battery
5] Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR support

The watch has limitless possibilities as to how you can use it. The watch comes in one form factor but has two versions. One is the 'I'm Jewel', a luxury version designed with precious materials like titanium, gold and diamonds, with prices ranging from 599 Euros to 11,999 Euros (US$840 - $16,833).
The other one is the 'I'm Color' collection, priced at 249 Euros (US$349). It comes in a wide range of color options which include White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Pink and Black.
The watch is not available right now, but you can pre-order it if you're really interested to get it first click here . I would rather insist to wait for it to start shipping. The Watch starts shipping in October this year.


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maia dobson said...

It's a very adorable and intelligent watch. I want one! pre-owned watches NYC