Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Power Up: Gives Paper Airplane a Motor and Propeller

At some point as a kid or teenager everyone is fascinated with paper airplanes. Despite the hi-tech world we live in, there hasn't been a lot of changes as to how we make and fly our paper crafts. In fact nobody thought of paper airplane in the commercial sense. But now finally we have an add-on to the paper airplane that can make paper airplanes fly for longer and thus making them more exciting. It has been finally empowered with a motor!

A new toy company which calls its self  'Taylor L.L.C.' started up this year with it’s first new product called 'PowerUp – Electric powered paper airplane'. Founder and owner 'Shai Goitein' set up the company as a platform for developing and selling unique and innovative toys.

Now to explain; its an add-on kit which consists of a capacitor attached to pager motor with a small propeller. The capacitor and the motor are connected via a shaft, the setup is called the 'power module'. The other thing in the kit is a charger box which is basically a battery holder. How it works is, first you make a paper air plane whose instruction can be found in this videoThe power module has a clip at the bottom of the capacitor end so it can be easily clipped to the nose of the paper airplane. Once that's done you need to insert 3-AA sized batteries in the charger box (batteries are not available in the kit). The charger box is need to charge the capacitor. The capacitor takes about 20 seconds to charge to full power, its said to give a motor run time of up to 90 secs.

Here is the instruction video

Its a fairly innovative product and also has an educational value for kids. The kit is said to be compatible with almost all kinds of paper airplane designs. Its available at Amazon starting at $17.49. 
This is just the starting point for this product, in the future we can expect a better design with  remote-control ailerons for more control on the flight of the plane.

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