Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Virtual Grocery Shopping in South Korea

Grocery shopping always turns out to be a 'task' you have to do may be once a week. Its a time consuming job and a lot of people actually don't like it. 'Tesco' an international U.K. based grocery chain called Home Plus in South Korea, came up with a genius new way to make shopping a more easy task by adding the virtual element to it.

Home Plus actually plastered posters which have images of groceries on the walls of subway station labeled with a unique QR code for each product. For those who don't know, QR codes are 'quick response codes', a boxy geometric image that actually represents information about the product like price etc. So basically as commuters pass by these poster on their way to work, they can use a mobile phone app to scan the QR codes of the products they would like to buy. The products automatically land in the online shopping cart then users can check out. The groceries are automatically delivered to their doorstep by the end of the work day. So all you do to shop is scan QR codes of the products you want.

Figures already show that people like this. During this campaign more than 10200 people visited the Home Plus Online stores from their smartphone and online sales for Home Plus increased by 130% making them the number one online store in South Korea.

Well this is quite an amazing idea. It saves so much time for the consumers with the added benefit of doing something productive while waiting for the train,  plus gives store owners the ability to reach out to more people without the extra cost of infrastructure and labor. The idea could open up a whole new business arena for small businesses.


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