Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Minoru 3D

3D technology has been present in the market for a decent amount of time now but it’s not yet used on a large scale and wasn’t available for general public. We only had 3D movies.
But now we have the “Minoru 3D” the world’s first consumer webcam. It’s from a Company by the name Nova. Minoru means Real in Japanese .
The Minoru is a very good webcam it has a good design and it’s pretty flexible, you can move it easily and adjust it as needed. It actually has 2 cams on it and the distance between them is similar to that of the human eyes to get a perfect 3D view just like a real object in front of your eyes.

It’s pretty simple to install. Just plug in through the USB and install the software provided with it. The software lets you select between various screen sizes as you need. It also has a built in microphone, The software lets you choose between using the built in or your regular mic.
Once you turn the cam on you will immediately find it generating a 3D image. All you need to do is to put on the 3D glasses so you have the experience. The Minoru comes with a 5 pairs of 3D glasses so you can send them to your friends.
The Minoru 3D also records video at various resolutions and upto 30fps. You can also take snapshots and it also has a Picture in Picture mode. It also works in 2D mode just like a normal cam an records videos in .asf and .avi file formats. It also works perfectly with major video chat applications.
Its pretty good. you can buy it from link provided.

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