Sunday, November 15, 2009

Google Go

Google is one company that has almost stepped into every online business possible. More over the products it comes up with is always free and good in quality. At a personal level, I love Google for the services it provides and almost everyone in the world does.

Now google has also come up with a new programming language called "GO" the programming language they say will help boost performance of both computing power and programming abilities. The language is still experimental. Its a big news for developers.  
Google says that the language has the best feature and security power like C++ and dynamics and speed like Python.

What a lot of programmers and hardware manufacturers expect from it is, support for multicore processors and something lightweight on systems. Only time will tell  if the language has the power to write our future and power our softwares. Just like Java and C++
The language also has an official  mascot Gordon the Goofer! 
But there are speculation already building about the name "GO" . Its is being said that a devoloper by the name Frank McCabe working at Starview Technologies created a language by the same name back in 2004. Google should have been careful but anyways, lets see.
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