Friday, November 13, 2009

New Opensource platform from Samsung

Opensource  is slowly gaining ground in the mobile market we have the Google Android which came in around 2007. It was not an instant hit as a lot of people and analyst expected it to be but by now we have a lot of mobile manufacturers jumping on the android for mobile platform.
But now SAMSUNG yes you heard it right the Korean Mobile and other digital hardware manufacturer has also come up with an OPENSOURCE platform which the company clams will be used in all their new upcoming handsets in the year 2010.
For those people who don’t know what opensource is, well most of the platforms have restriction for development of applications but in an opensource platform anyone who wishes to create an application can do it by just downloading a SDK (Software development kit) and registering as a developer online. The application is made available for everyone to download once it is approved.

The name of this OS is “Bada” which in Korean means Ocean. The name itself tells about the limitless possibilities the platform is going to bring as the Samsung claims. This is a big news as we are not sure of what Samsung will do about its commitment to a lot of other platforms.
The company claims it is going to roll out “millions” of different handset and let developers create applications on it in an easy way. The company also states on the website that the platforms will be carrier friendly and allow to provide new and more interactive services.The SDK and details will be made available in December. Lets see what difference will it bring about in the highly competitive mobile handset industry. Its always a win-win for the consumers anyway. For more information on this, visit the Official Bada blog at

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