Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oyster, Wave Energy Project

Wave/Tidal energy is something which has a huge amount of energy stored in it but its not been harnessed on a large scale till now. Now a company by the name  Aquamarine Power  has developed a power plant by the name Oyster. Its a pretty simple idea so to say but its very effective.
The device is a pretty simple hydraulic pump which is connected to a wide hinged flap.The hinged flap moves along with the waves in the sea, thus creating a movement in the hydraulic piston; this pumps the water through underground pipes to electric turbine where it is converted into useful electricity.The oyster is attached at the sea  bed and pops 10mts above water.

Isn't it such a simple and great idea and its of course Green!
Its a very cost effective plan too.. Its doesn't even harm its surrounding environment.
The oyster has been successfully installed at The European Marine Energy Center in Orkney Scotland on 20th November 2009 and it is now producing power for the National grid. The current Oyster1 can produce up to 2MW of power per unit.
The performance is now under monitoring and its data will be used to design the next generation commercial version, the Oyster 2.
Analysis suggest that this installation could save up to 500 tonnes of carbon at its current place of installation.This project has been developed by funding  from the government of U.K. The project seems to be promising as the carbon emission saving are huge.
It may open new avenues for wave energy.

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