Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nano technology

What is Nano technology?

Actually just like meters, cm,”nano” is a measurement scale it is 1billionth part of a meter. In practical terms we can say that if we say the earth is 1mt in size then a marble is 1 nano. But what can we do with so small objects which we cant even see with our naked eyes?

How it came? 

The whole business of nano technology or the technology that works at the molecular level came into existence by a speech given by a Nobel prize winning Physicist Richard Feynman, in the year 1959, its not something very new.

The Need for Nano technology

As I said earlier what is the need to go so small? Actually the applications are endless from Medical to Engineering, from military to surveillance

Applications in Medicine

When it comes to medicine we can say its like “swallowing the doctor". In the future we will come across something called nanobots or ultra small robots these will be like man made and controlled micro machines, these bots will be injected inside our body in hundreds or thousands in quantity they will gather data about various things in our body. The doctor will just have a look at the data and give you a necessary treatment for a certain ailment. Doctors will be able to destroy the Cancer tissues as they are created and finally incision surgeries will be history.

Application in Engineering

When we talk about engineering the application are limitless. It can bring a wide variety of changes in all fields of engineering. From computers to production to construction everything will get simpler and cost effective. For example – An Intel 4004 microprocessor integrated circuit was 10 microns or 10,000 nm in width.Today Intel’s processors have I.C. 0.065 microns or 65 nm of line widths. If we compare, the width of a human hair is approximately 100 microns or 1000,000 nm. In the future we will have processors which have a very small size are energy efficient and which are cheap as a result more and more devices will be equipped with microprocessors.

Tactical or military applications 

When it comes to military application weapons and equipment will get smatter. Surveillance will get very simple as Surveillance devices will be small nanobots which will be difficult to detect and hence the bad guys won’t be able to execute their bad missions

Other applications 

In the future the paint on your car or wall will be like skin which would immediately heal itself when it gets damaged. Space travel may get simpler and we would get to know our universe in a better way.this may sound like science fiction but it is very true! 
There are a lot of application of nano technology in the field of paint and material science Nano technology is a topic which is vast and a lot of thing are out of scope to explain in this blog.
Its only a matter of time when we will be taken into the nano age!

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