Sunday, November 8, 2009

I-Driver is here, drive your car via I-phone

Smartphones have come a long way these days. You can almost do any given task through a smartphone  whether its shoothing a video or surfing the internet  etc etc. Smartphone have the same kind of processing power and memory in comparison to the laptop 5yrs back. Now we have smartphone which have a 1ghz+ processor and upto 512MB system memory

We all know the iPhone from Apple is one of the biggest craze in the smartphone market. At a personal note, I m not a big fan of Apple products but the iPhone is a descent gadget.
There seems to be no limit to what our smartphones can do these days . 
Robotics Group of the Institute of Computer Science at the Freie Universit├Ąt in Berlin, Germany, have developed an application for the iphone called  I-Driver. Any guesses ? 
Actually they have developed/modified a car which they call the ‘Sprit of Berlin’ this car is equipped with an array of 3D sensors  a dashboard camera GPS, WiFi and other equipment which helps control the car.

The whole car can be controlled  right through the I-phone. The I-Driver application sends signals to the car to brake, accelerate and steer through WiFi. 
We can also see Live video stream on the I-phone touch screen and just navigate the car by looking at the screen.
Its like a real big R.C. car!

The car has a descent navigation range,  like you can think about navigating your car all way
from the car park to where you are standing. Isn't it cool!

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