Thursday, February 11, 2010

After making Search faster Google to speed up broadband speeds

Google is a company well know for its high speed search engine and innovative products. But this time Google has crossed its software lines and now wants to experiment with ultra high speed fiber optic broadband connection. The speed which Google wants to provide is an astonishing 1 gigabyte /sec or 1Gbps, which is around a hundred times faster then the average American house hold connection. Google has not yet decided where it will set up the infrastructure for it and is calling cities and communities across the US (No info. about international plans yet) to apply for it. Its plans to offer it on a competitive price and initially provide service to 50,000 and then upto 500,000 people.

By doing this Google wants to test online applications which require high speed connections and develop new technology for it. Google will later operate open access network and share the network with other service providers.

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