Monday, February 8, 2010

Turn your PC into a Server for Free

Have you ever had a thought cross your mind of turning your computer into a web server? If you had such a thought you can turn it into reality. Until now Web hosting was a service which was limited to a certain group of people who own high end and costly web servers. The problem with such web hosting is privacy, as all the files can be viewed/accessed by the server administrator. Of course you could still turn any computer into a web server with open source software like Apache but it is technically complicated and requires a good deal of knowledge for the same. Plus it posses a potential risk of data security and viruses as your PC is directly exposed to the internet. It definitely requires technical skills to maintain it.

But now all that is easier, thanks to Opera Unite a feature embedded in the Opera 10 Web browser which lets you do a lot more than just hosting a web server on your PC. It lets you share documents, music, photos, videos, or use it to run websites, chat rooms  and even lets you stream music without third-party requirements. Its a great deal and it may just start a new revolution across the world sooner or later.

To get started, download the latest version of the opera browser from  > then install it. Then to check out the Opera Unite feature click View >Toolbars> Check the Panel tab.
you will find a slim tool bar appearing on the left side of the screen. Or just click on the panel button on the top left corner.

Click the unite icon. A registration page will open. Register a cool user name of your choice, it will appear on the URL of yourserver.Example:
Once that is done its all ready to go. Create a new shared folder of your choice and add all the content you want to share. The interface is simple and can be easily understood.
If you want a clearer explanation of the process go to
Go ahead and try it. You also have an array of privacy option which also lets you share content to a limited group of people. The best part is you can access or if you will, give access to all your files, music, videos, pics etc  from any where in the world for free!

But on a side note you need a decent speed broadband connection and remember a lot of service providers have asymmetric speeds (i.e download/upload). it mean that your upload speed may be lesser than your download speed. As anybody might guess you need your PC to be switched on and logged into opera unite so that all your files or website is accessible.

The best part what I've found out is if you don't like your long URL you can turn it into a short catchy and easier to remember one by using the free .tk domain,  this will make your website have a real domain feel to it.

Check out this tutorial video

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