Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Filemail: Send Large files for free.

Uploading a file as an email is a boring  job. But you have no options in some cases. Moreover, Sometimes you are in need to send very large files. So what do you do. Many people uses P2P software, that's ok if its at a personal level, You cant tell your business client to install software on their machine and do all that, plus you need to keep your P.C. powered on until the receiver has downloaded it or have to contact him about it. The other option is to use paid solutions.
But why pay when you get quality  service for free. I have a found a web upload service filemail.com it lets you upload/send large files upto 2GB no registration or stupid stuff required. All you have to do is visit filemail.com and click on the free option, it will take you to a link where you can start uploading your file instantly and email it straight from there.

I recently emailed the support team to know about the security of the files, if the uploaded files can be misused or sold, this is the reply I got.

The files you upload as a free user are available for download for three days, then they will be deleted from our servers. you can also define how many days (max 3 for the free service) and how many downloads the upload will support. After the specified number/days the files will be removed from our servers. Filemail will not use the uploaded files under any circumstances. As to who has access to the files depends on who you send the download page link to.

Best regards

Peder Sundbø
System Developer

So there you have it, Visit  http://www.filemail.com/default.aspx and start sending large files across the world for free and securely.

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