Sunday, February 7, 2010

Turbine light is the next step in street lighting

Street lighting is something which is important for drivers, but it is quite energy hungry as well. Its actually quit silly to use main stream energy  just for lighting the street/highways, so we had solar powered lights in place. Its proved to be quite successful, a lot of streets in the world do have solar lights but these lights fail to work when we have cloudy days and stuff like that. But technology is all about innovation and ideas; the US-based TAK Studio has come up with an ingenious concept of wind powered street lights,(that's old but wait) which will use the wind turbulence created from moving cars.
Sound cool isn't it!?

This is still a concept and is still under a lot of speculations as you might wonder and there are no solid details available yet. It will be featured at the Greener Gadget conference in New york City on the 25th of Feb. Probably a lot more details will be available then. If this gadget works well and is practically applicable it might just find a place on lots of highways across the world.

On a personal note; I'd say if we use a hybrid of solar and wind power it will probably be practically more applicable.

A lot more product which will be featured at Greener gadget conference, there is also a product by the name Go Mechanical charger made by an Indian a company by the name Elephant designs, its not as innovative but is a lot practical and is certainly pulling a lot of votes.  Visit to vote for your favorite.

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