Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to switch operator with Mobile number portability in India.

Finally the much awaited Mobile number portability service is now available in India. Now its possible to change your service provider without changing your Mobile number. 

This article is a six step simplified guide as to how to change your operator/service provider.

Step 1
You need to Generate an 8 digit Unique porting Code (UPC).  
To get your UPC Send SMS as "PORT followed by your 10 Digit Mobile" to 1900. 
Example: PORT 98XXXXXXXX to 1900
You will shortly receive a SMS with your UPC.

Step 2
Visit your nearest new service provider customer support outlet. Fill the customer agreement form (CAF) with the required details like your current number operator name and the generated UPC code.

Step 3
Now the process is just like getting a new connection/SIM card. You need to submit documents which confirm your address proof and identity proof, you need one self attested passport sized photograph and a copy of the last bill if its a postpaid (billing) connection.

Step 4
Now buy the SIM card of the new service provider for which you shall be charged a maximum of Rs 19. this includes the porting charge.

Step 5
Now you should receive a message from your new service provider containing the approximate date and time of porting. You can use your old service provider (SIM card) as usual till then.

Step 6
Now mind you there will be a 2hour No service period (mostly between 12am-5am). Both the Old and New SIM cards will be not be functional. Now replace your new SIM with the old one and you will be on the New network with the same number.

General FAQ Answers.
  1. The process may take upto a maximum of 6-7 working days. It may take upto 10 days for J&K, Assam and North Eastern Regions
  2. Yes it is possible to port a number form a GSM to a CDMA network and vice versa.
  3. Remember porting can be done only within a circle. For eg; A number from Delhi circle cannot be ported to a Mumbai Circle provider.
So finally the customer is the King and with so many service providers to choose from  you can always get the best depending on your needs.

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