Friday, January 14, 2011

How to win tech books for free.

Almost like 8 months ago I found this website called 101 free tech books via a Facebook ad, I click though the ad and found out that if I register I have a chance to win one of  a maximum of 101 free tech books they give away each month. All I had to do was register with my Name and email address, browse through the available books organised in various categories and add the ones I am interested in to my wish list. Although the claim seemed too much considering the fact that they ship it to your home for free, I went ahead and registered for it. 

So after getting registered, the system is plain and simple, you earn raffle tickets for your referral. I shared my referral URL on my Facebook, a few of my Friends joined it too. I earned raffle ticket plus they provide with a promo code once in a while to earn more tickets, if you claim the code within the time limit you earn more tickets. The more tickets you have the better the chance of winning. I did the same and won the book  "Dynamic prototyping with sketch flow in expression blend" for Free (At the time it was selling for $34.99). You can choose any book from the wishlist you make. It got shipped straight from Amazon within like 15-20 days after the winner list was declared. This was the first time I won something on the internet for free.
The chances of winning are more here for a simple fact that there is not just one winner but upto 101.
So you can trust this site its a 100% legit site NOT a fake scam. 
You can register by Clicking here 
Click though the banner below to visit the site. 
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