Sunday, July 4, 2010

Microsoft Instaload technology lets you put batteries the way you want.

You might have come across times when you insert batteries in the wrong way and the device wont start. It happens with a lot of people but no one came up with a solution, but the IT giant Microsoft with its new technology called InstaLoad.

How Instaload works
You might wonder it works on complex electronics but the fact is its a purely mechanical design that makes it work. It has a set of positive and negative contacts at both ends, unlike only positive at one end and only negative at the other end. So always the battery either interfaces with a positive contact or a negative contact. Check out the contact design diagram.

Now the contacts are so connected to each other internally that the output polarity is the same at the PCB terminals. Here are all the four cases in which instaload works.
Instaload can work with all types of cylinder form factor battery types like AA, AAA, C, D rechargeable or disposable. This is a patented technology by Microsoft. Microsoft will offer royalty free license program to devices for people with hearing, vision, learning or other disabilities. This technology will definitely benefit a lot of people and with time putting batteries in the wrong way will be a thing of the past.

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