Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Nvidia GeForce 460GTX gaming chip for $199

Nvidia has been a leading manufacturer when it comes to Graphic cards, in fact Nvidia was the Company to first invent the concept of GPU (Graphic processing Unit) back in 1999 and introduce the world with the power of high end computer graphics to personal computers.
On 12th July Nvidia announced an addition to its high end 400 series GPUs,  the GTX460 chip which just costs $199. The Graphics card  has been received by analyst and reviewers and most of them claim it to the best card when it comes to value for money. What makes this card so special is the fact that it is based on Nvidia's new Fermi design, which was originally marketed as a supercomputer chip. The Chip has created a lot of buzz among the gamer's community.
Nvidia was a bit left behind in the race of power at price, but now Nvidia's competitors ATI seems like its left behind in the "Bang  for Price war".

Now I would like to clearly say that  460GTX is not the most powerful GPU out there, there are other GPU in the Nvidia 400 series (465GTX, 470GTX, 480GTX) which are more powerful but they cost way too much then the 460GTX, it one of the cheapest and energy efficient one. There are currently 2 models available. One which has 768MB of GDDR5 memory and other one which has 1GB of Memory.

Here are specifications you can have a look at.

This GPU has full support for DX11 and is 3D ready for the next generation 3D world. So you can rest assure you are future ready. This GPU has set a new standard in the Budget GPU segment. This will also give game designers and software manufacturers more room for development. Affordable technology is soon coming to the real world.
You can check out the complete review and Comparison of this GPU at this website,2684.html

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