Friday, July 23, 2010

Tape that creates an illusion of a hinge

Packaging tape is something which is very important in the packaging industry and our daily life to some extent. It comes in various colors and materials, despite the high end printing technology we have, we haven't seen any innovative stuff done with tapes. People always like something which has an innovative look to it  and looks good to the eye. 

When you seal flaps of a box with a tape it acts similar to a hinge so why not make it look like a hinge. That's what Jeong-Min Lee & Hyoung-Min Park from a South Korean based design collective studio have come up with. They have printed a realistic looking hinge design on a 50mm x 45mm on Opp material tape. It creates  an illusion of a hinge which gives packaging a tough look, its cool.
X tape plans to start shipping later in fall you can order yours from

They also plan to create a whole X tape series soon. You definitely want to have one of these, don't ya?


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